Pamper All That They Wear

Pamper Cleaners provides quality laundry service with the best pick up and delivery service based out of Hicksville Long Island, Syosset Long Island and Plainview Long Island. Long Islanders Voted Pamper Cleaners Best Dry Cleaner on Long Island. Syosset Hicksville Plainview Dry Cleaning, Restoration services and door to door valet.

Get It Back Odor-Free In Their Closets

Clothing, ready to wear again.

Pamper understands the monetary and personal value of clothing. Everyday garments as well as irreplaceable wedding gowns, executive suits and expensive furs can now be restored to an odor-free and pre-loss condition.

Once all garments have been restored, they will be hand pressed and packaged for delivery or storage. With this streamlined process, you will never get any returns or complaints regarding residual odor or discoloring.

Depend on Pamper to get your clients back in their clean, bright and fresh smelling attire.

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